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Round Apple Challah Recipe!

Cal bears, Rosh Hashana is quickly approaching (Friday, 9/14, at sundown) and we are getting ready over here at Berkeley Hillel.

We know that it can be meaningful to do some holiday preparations on your own, so we thought we'd share a DELICIOUSSSS apple honey challah recipe.

From Rosh Hashana through the holiday of Sukkot, we eat round challahs rather than the usual ones we eat on Shabbat. There's multiple reasons why! The roundness symbolizes the year coming full circle, and starting again. It also symbolizes full/wholeness. It is also simply something different, which reminds us that we are in a special time of year.

Honey is also often used to remind us to have a sweet new year.

Here is the link; let us know if you make it!

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