Shabbat 101

Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, is a weekly 25-hour observance, from just before sundown on Friday through nightfall on Saturday. While there are different practices and customs that vary across families, communities, and denominations, Shabbat is a central and enduring practice among the Jewish people.

Shabbat is a day in which we are commanded to rest and to engage with family and community. There are many rituals built into the 25-hour period that help us to create a sacred time and space. 

At Berkeley Hillel, we come together on Friday evening to transition into Shabbat. We do this by lighting Shabbat candles, praying, making blessings over wine & grape juice, and eating a festive meal together. This year will look a little different, but you can still celebrate Shabbat with us!

There is truly so much to learn about Shabbat, from customs & laws, to theology, to prayer, to ritual, to cultural practices. If you'd like to learn more about this with a staff member, contact 

To read more about Shabbat, check out this article at 

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